Poly Bags, Zip Lock Bags and Poly Tubing

Poly Bags Zip Lock Bags and Poly Tubing Catalog

For Packaging, Storing, or Shipping, Use Poly Bags, Zip Lock Bags, and Poly Tubing Bags

Poly bags, zip lock bags, and poly tubing bags have many uses and you will see them everywhere. They always come in handy whenever you need to pack or store food and non-food products, big and small.

Poly Bags

Poly bags or polyethylene bags are made of thin plastic film used for packaging different types of goods. Many industries use poly bags to provide protection against dust and dirt. They also prevent moisture and other factors that may cause damage to your products.  They are the most common type of plastic bags and still preferred over paper bags for its durability.

Consumers can choose between light density and heavy density packaging poly bags. Your choice depends on the weight of the materials you want to use them for. Light density poly bags are for low-maintenance goods. Heavy-density are for heavier items that need extra security.

The shape and size of poly bags also matter and it depends on the purpose. Packaging flat poly bags make a great container for everyday use. This is most especially the case for people who like to organize. Even for shipping, poly bags can also do the trick.

Zip Lock Bags

Reclosable poly bags, zipper locking bags or zip lock bags, are an ideal choice for safekeeping items that are moisture sensitive. Zip lock bags are common in every household and in many industries as well. At home, you can use it to pack sandwiches and snacks for the kids to school or even family outings.

Their open-and-close feature makes it easy to access the contents inside. They can be used for packing non-food products too like electronic parts, accessories, and many more.

Customers will find The Box Zone the best place where reclosable bags are available. Choose from a variety of sizes and density.

Poly Tubing Bags

Poly tubing bags definitely make a presentable and well-protected package. If you are sending posters and blueprints, a clear poly tubing roll add protection against damages. Like poly bags and zip lock bags, polyethylene tubing come in different measurements.

Certain industries and small businesses that rely on shipping and packaging will find poly tubing bags useful for storage or shipping.

The Box Zone offers various types of poly bags for shipping, flat poly bags, and clear poly bags, among others. The shop’s huge collection of plastic bags are available in various shapes, sizes, and densities at affordable prices.

If you want to buy poly bags, reclosable poly bags, and poly tubing bags, visit The Box Zone. Hundreds of them are in stock and you can choose which one best fits your packaging needs. Come into our Long Beach or Orange location and check out our huge inventory of supplies.