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There are several reasons why many people use professional packing services.

A hectic schedule is a definite and valid reason to leave the packing service process to the experts. And believe it or not, people who lack the skills in packing shipments find this activity quite stressful. Most of all, there are just some things that someone cannot wrap or box on their own. Think golf clubs or bicycles or wine. Some even want us to help them organize supplies in their cars!

These are only some of the reasons pack and mail companies, like The Box Zone, exist. We are a packaging services company that offers custom packing and shipping solutions. We have stores located in Orange County and Long Beach. We cater to those who want anything packed, shipped, or transported.

We can turn a satellite dish into a hip birthday gift for your dad or uncle. With that said, our experts have all the resources for difficult jobs.

taping up a boxWhat You Can Expect with Our Services

People who have little time to spend on wrapping and shipping gifts can rely on our packing services. All you have to do is drop off the item, provide the information, give specific instructions and we will do the rest.

While horrible gift boxing can be forgiven, but there is no excuse when organizing to move. The process of securing all your stuff for their safe transportation can be time-consuming. A lot of people find it challenging. Knowing how harsh the shipping environment can get and what damages transportation may cause, one needs to manage his stuff like a pro.

With professional pack & ship services, the fate of your pricey and priceless belongings, no matter how big or small, is in good hands.

Our services help by relieving you of the packing duty as it hosts a powerhouse of packing experts. Their job is to take extra care of your items, from tiny accessories to luggage to life-size art pieces. Caring means using top-quality materials, durable boxes, and sturdy paper rolls to confine your valuables.

We house a vast variety of packing supplies to offer the most professional service. It leaves its doors open to people who want to save time and money and people in search for reliable pack n ship services. We are the most helpful when it comes to Christmas packing and shipping gifts across the country.

We offer high-quality packing and moving solutions as well as shipping and mailing services to everyone who needs them.

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  • Wood Crating
  • Gift Wrapping

With 20 years as a pack and ship store, we guarantee our packing will meet even the highest standards. Let us save you time and money – let us do the packing for you!! Call us seven days a week to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative about your packaging needs.

Large, Fragile & High-Value Items Ok!! Whether it requires simple bubble wrap or wooden crating – we can do it! The Box Zone has two store locations in Southern California for all your packing service needs.

Self Packing


Here are some expert packing tips for packaging on your own…

  1. A good rule is smaller boxes for heavy things… larger boxes for lighter things. You will use more medium boxes than any others.
  2. A test for a properly packed box… Close the lid and gently rock the box… “If it shakes – it breaks!” If the rattle is O.K. (Example, Toys, etc.) Mark the box “Rattle O.K.” Cushioning materials such as bubble pouches, packs or peanuts can help you fill up the empty spaces in a box.
  3. Tape boxes along all seams… Don’t skimp on box sealing tape… In this case more is better.
  4. Label the sides of boxes with name, contents, and the room in your new home you want it placed in. This way when boxes are stacked you’ll know what’s in each one without moving them all. It’ll save your back and energy.
  5. Give each child a large box to pack their own toys in. This makes them feel like an important part of the move, as well as keeping them busy while you pack.
  6. You can use linens, towels, and pillows as cushioning around breakables or… shop for the proper cushioning materials at one of our convenient locations near you.
  7. Plates, should individually wrapped, then wrapped again in bundles of 3 or 4 and placed “Standing On End” in the packing box. Do Not Lay Plates Flat. Place all heavier fragile items in the bottom of the box.
  8. Books should be packed in small cartons. Remember – They’re the heaviest thing in the house. Pack books laying flat and alternate the bindings front to back. This will prevent the spines from crushing.
  9. Light items such as pillows, bedding, lampshades, etc. can be packed in jumbo cartons. To protect your furniture and mattress, we also offer wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, and edge & corner protectors.
  10. Pictures, mirrors, glass table tops, marble, etc. can be packed easily in mirror cartons.
  11. Any questions on how to pack special items please call us. We’re packing service experts and are always happy to help you.
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