Packing Supplies and Materials

Make Moving or Organizing Easier with Packing Supplies

Moving or not, it is good to have an abundant supply of packing supplies in handy.

Keep all your belongings secure and organized. Have heavy-duty moving boxes, gift or storage boxes, and high-quality packaging supplies ready. Seal them, label them, and ship them. You can even have us take care of all this for you using our professional packing services.

Securing and organizing your stuff is very important part of moving process. To protect your belongings, you will need the right materials to work with. You need to make sure that your belongings are safe from damage even before you give your movers the go signal. The same goes if you are mailing them. To make this possible, you will need sturdy and durable boxes and other necessary packaging supplies. This way you can finish up with ease and confidence.

Moving Supplies and Packages

Have your moving supplies and boxes ready to protect your valuables. Many worthy packing supplies shops offer a vast variety of box sizes that can hold jewelry or king size mattresses. There are also regular moving boxes available to make sure your belongings arrive at their destination safely.

You can find an assortment of box types like tuck tops, bin boxes, and vari-depth. They are perfect for moving, packing gifts, and organizing files. Seal small and huge boxes with a durable packing tape and fill them with the right cushioning material.

bubble wrapCushioning

When moving, some items need extra protection. Cushioning like bubble wraps, foam pouches, and bubble pouches are functional protectors. They are useful if you want to guard small to large devices, mirrors, and other fragile pieces.

Insulated Mailers and Wine Bottle Shippers

‘Thank you’s,’ ‘Congratulation’s,’ and ‘Happy Birthday’s,’ or whatever occasions, are better with a bottle of wine or two. If you are considering gifting your friends or family with flavorful wine, send them in high-quality insulated mailers and wine bottle shippers. Preserve the flavor, keep it safe from spoilage. Let them know they are special from miles away by tucking wine bottles in Styrofoam shipper with outer boxes or wine bottle shipper with cardboard inserts.

Poly Bags, Zip Lock Bags, and Poly Tubing

Also great for safekeeping small things are poly bags and zip lock bags. Stuff your cosmetics or accessories in them instead of boxes to save space. These packing materials are offered in various sizes as well to accommodate your things without risking quality.

Jiffy Mailers, Poly Mailers, Photo Mailers

Even documents and photos need to be protected especially if they are of high value. Use jiffy mailers, poly mailers, and photo mailers to safeguard information and memories. Mailers feature padded walls and moisture resistance to prevent damage on the item. These packing supplies are lightweight, saving you from shipping cost but durable with strong adhesive for added security.

Corrugated Rolls and Pads

Packing large items, especially those with irregular shapes or forms, can be a challenge but corrugated rolled paper and pads offer an alternative solution.

Corrugated rolls and pads are flexible because they can be cut and wrapped around the item for protection. But their shock-absorbing capability, thanks to their soft liner, is the major highlight. While they appear light, they are 100% reliable.

Kraft and Butcher Paper Rolls

Kraft and butcher paper rolls count as one of the most efficient and flexible in the packing supplies family. Use them to pack meat and fish, small and large items when moving, or turn them into eco-friendly gift wrappers. Many also use them for painting and drawings.

Variety of Tape

Mailing Tubes

If you mail a lot, mailing tubes are definitely a great addition to your stack. Mailing tubes are your best bet if you are sending large papers and documents like blueprints, maps, or posters. They come in different lengths and diameters with snap-on caps for easy access.

Tapes, Labels, and Films

When moving items or storing supplies, putting labels on each box would be necessary. Tapes, labels, and films are functional packing materials that help with easy identification. Plastic films are best for keeping foods clean and neat.

Strapping and Banding

Strapping and banding are ideal for keeping large items from falling or dismantling. Steel tubes and metal bars, for example, need to stay in place to prevent injuries. These packing materials are also beneficial when tying up small items.

On The Box Zone website, you can find different kinds of strapping and banding tools. The right one depends on the material you need to use it for. Some are made of plastic and others of wires.

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 Check out our complete line of packing supplies here or download our complete printable catalog.