Cost-Efficient Custom Packing and Shipping

For Small, Large, Oversized Shipments, Go For A Quality Custom Packing and Shipping Service

Do you need custom packing and shipping for your oversized or ultra small items? Are you looking for a custom packing service that guarantees your item will arrive at its destination safe and sound?

Although most shipping centers lack this feature, it is still possible to get your package across.

The Box Zone’s custom packing service is 100% reliable. Its team of skillful and experienced packers promises to treat your items with care no matter what size, shape, or weight.

Custom Packing and Shipping Benefits

packing suppliesFragile objects, extra large art pieces, or valuable items can be sensitive and prone to damages. Such items need thorough care to survive the harsh temperatures and prevent dents or scratches while on the move. They need custom packing to ensure safety from departure to arrival.

How can a custom packing company help you?

The Box Zone will apply the correct packing technique. Its team of professional packers will use the right container for maximum security. It offers custom packing services for any kind of item you wish to ship unharmed.

Anything means anything. It can be a golf club, wine bottle, small or large frames, computer and electronics, furniture, or even luggage. You can bring items that have the most awkward shapes and The Box Zone will find a way to keep them nicely tucked for hours.

Most local shipping stores do not cover custom shipping packaging, unlike The Box Zone. Whether they are gifts for your loved ones or friends living miles away or a valuable shipment that needs to land on time

Quality Custom Packing and Shipping

The Box Zone makes doing business with its customers a pleasant experience. It provides full and cost-effective custom packing and shipping service.

You can visit its offices in Long Beach or Orange to consult with its staff about the packing design and free cost estimate. TBZ’s packing professionals will then recommend the right packing materials to safe-keep your shipment.

The company uses specialized materials depending on your item’s shipping needs. These may include double or triple-walled corrugated boxes, crates, and wooden pallets for heavy shipments. Foams, custom cushioning, and blocking may also be applied for extra support.

The Box Zone has two shops in the SoCal area. Custom packing Orange County and custom packing Long Beach provide the same convenience that is rare with other custom shipping centers in the city. The Box Zone’s professional staff will assist you and make sure you get the customer attention you need.