Here are some good guidelines to follow when planning your next move. Whether it be across town or across the country…moving is a daunting task. We have been supplying Orange County and Long Beach with moving boxes and moving supplies for many years. Feel free to call us with any moving questions or suggestions. We even have moving box specials for your size move.


1. SMALL BOXES: (1.5 cu. ft.) Books, Records, Magazines, Canned goods, Heavy tools, etc. (Pack books laying flat so the corners won’t bend and alternate bindings so spines won’t crush)

2. MEDIUM BOXES: (3.0 cu. ft.) Linens, Shoes, Small appliances, almost all miscellaneous items in the house. (This is the most popular size.)

3. LARGE BOXES: (4.5 cu. ft.) Lampshades, Shoes, Pillows, Bedding, Stuffed Animals, Lighter clothing items such as sweaters, robes, etc.

4. EXTRA LARGE: (6.0 cu. ft.) Lampshades, Pillows, Bedding, Only light “Fluffy” articles!.

5. DISHPACKS: (Double Wall) These are for breakables such as Dishes, Stemware, Figurines, Objects of art, Lamps, other fragile items, Etc.

6. MIRROR CARTONS: (2 Piece or 4 Way) These are for Pictures, Mirrors, Glass table tops, Shelves, Marble slabs, Etc. (Use paper pads, or Bubble pack to cushion these items).

7. LAMP CARTONS: Lamp Bases, Tall Items. (Pack lamps and lampshades separately).

8. FLAT WARDROBES: These are for clothing items to lay flat. It’s best not to leave hangers in garments when packing this way.

9. WARDROBES: (With Hanging Bars) These are for good suits and dresses you don’t want to get wrinkled. Also good for Draperies, Etc. (Note: Most movers lend wardrobes at no charge on local moves only)

Are you looking to hire a local moving company? Here are some tips to help you hire the right moving company.

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