The Box Zone’s Top Quality Crating Services

Crating is more of an art than a typical branch of freight servicing. Each package needs careful positioning to ensure 100% safety during transport. The shipping environment can be unforgiving at times whether it be by sea, land or air.

As a customer you want your package especially large and high-value ones to be in their best condition upon receipt. The only ways you can be confident is by signing up with the best crating company.

The Box Zone is a more than just a packaging and shipping company. It is also one of the most reliable companies that boasts of quality packing & crating services.

Why Do You Need A Professional Crating Company

Custom Wood CrateShipping sensitive packages is a serious task. Using wooden pallets is often not enough to secure the shipment. Crate is a more reliable shipping vehicle that can guarantee your items will be held in place during shipping.

And every customer wants security even more than timely delivery or cheap shipping cost. Valuable items need efficient shipping service as well as quality packing & crating job.

The Box Zone understands this need. To give its customers peace of mind, the company guarantees 100% care of every shipment using their crating service. They make sure of this by employing expert packers and using the best materials available.

We Have Been Building Wooden Crates for 20 Years

The Box Zone has a wide array of designs to accommodate high-value pieces big and small. They have durable wooden crates modeled to give delicate and items the utmost protection they need for their crating service.

In addition, The Box Zone’s team of expert craters knows the ins and outs of the job. They know what cushioning is suitable and the right dimensions. They even know the best way to position your items to ensure zero damage.

The Box Zone’s years of experience in the shipping industry allowed the company to learn the tricks of the trade. If you are looking for seasoned packers and craters, no doubt we have the best crating services to go for. The company offers packing and crating service through its two location in the Los Angeles area.

You can visit our Orange County location or our Long Beach store to know more about the crating services you want to avail.