Ship Your Oversized Items Using Our Freight Shipping Service

Freight companies help millions of people transport large and high-value items from one place to another. It does not end here though. It takes a good freight shipping company to ensure that your shipment gets the premium quality treatment, no ifs, and buts.

Delicate art pieces or a truck load of wine bottles, for example, need extra care. Numerous types of damages can occur during transport. You want a guaranteed safe and timely delivery more than just affordability. The best way to make sure that your items reach their destinations intact and on time is to choose the best freight center in town.

Several companies seldom offer competitive prices like The Box Zone can. Visit its shops anytime to avail of high quality yet affordable freight services, Orange County and Long Beach can offer.

Get Your Items Shipped Across the Country

Yellow Truck Freight ShipperThe Box Zone is a freight company that dedicates itself in providing flexible and personalized services. Customers can expect full attention to enhance its entire logistics management process. This applies to both small and large shipments.

The company also exceeds customer’s expectations. As a premium freight carrier, it houses modernized telecommunications and processing systems. This aims for a seamless cargo monitoring function.

Also as one of the leading edge freight shipping companies, The Box Zone can handle all kinds of cargo. It guarantees to deliver your goods with extreme caution no matter what size. From electronics to huge fragile pieces to perishable goods.

High-Quality Local Crating Service

The Box Zone values its customers as well as the items entrusted to them. The renown freight service company employs a team of expert craters to give the best and safest solutions.

To secure the items during transport, its team uses the best materials with suitable dimensions and weight. Some freight services neglect the interior details. The Box Zone uses proper cushioning and support on all corners to ensure zero damages.

For your packaging, crating services, shipping, and freight services needs, The Box Zone is the perfect place to go. With two stores in the Southern California area — Orange County and Long Beach — quality shipping service from one of the best and trusted local companies is just within your reach.

Think About Loading And Unloading Your Cargo

This one is difficult for you to alter easily, but most people ship products on a crate that is shrink wrapped. Regarding loading and unloading stock, the shapes are relatively uniform, and it is therefore relatively simple for the containers and pallets to be loaded and unloaded. If your items are not suitable for this standard method of wrapping and transportation, then the cost may increase, so bear that in mind perhaps considering putting your belongings in boxes that could then be uniformly packed on a pallet that is more suitable.

Be Realistic In Your Packaging

Unless you are business and are shipping large quantities of products, the way the industry works is that they put a lot of different orders in together. This means that there is an inherent risk of damage to certain items that are either fragile or not as well protected as they should be. The responsibility for that packing and protection lies solely at your door, so make certain that you have protected your products as well as possible. Also consider waterproof packaging, as regardless of shipping or transport via truck, there is always a possibility of the products getting wet. It doesn’t cost a lot to get them wrapped in plastic or other waterproof materials, and that could be money well spent.

Protecting your items should be your number one priority. It is fair to say that you are limited when it comes to your level of control, but when it comes to freight crating and transportation, this is not an area to try and cut corners on. It is essential to your business that your belongings turn up looking perfect and undamaged. Otherwise, you are going to spend a lot more money than you saved replacing damaged items.

Tips For Getting The Best Freight Quote

While price may not be everything, as discussed above, freight crating can be very expensive if not done correctly. There are ways and means to lower that cost, without reducing the protection or reliability of the service offered. We have 20 years of experience shipping freight across the country and internationally. We know how to get the best freight rates. Call and get a freight quote today!

Only Use a Professional Freight and Crating Company

The best way to allay any concerns is to ensure you use a highly rated reputable company; that is capable of completing the job efficiently and reliably. The advent of the internet means that it is very easy to research and do some checks on any company anywhere in the world. So, make sure you read our Yelp reviews, then call and get your freight quote today!