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Bubble Bags and Foam Pouches Catalog

Give Your Stuff Maximum Protection with Bubble and Foam Pouches Available at The Box Zone

Why do you need bubble pouches and foam bags? When shipping or moving, there is no assurance that your items will remain securely tucked once they are inside the box. People who are particular with their shipment’s integrity want to safeguard it from any forms of damages by using high-quality packing supplies.

Bubble pouches, foam pouches, and foam bubble pouches are designed for this specific purpose.

Bubble Pouches

Bubble pouches are plastic containers with tiny air bags around it. They come in small to large sizes to hold various goods. Some variations have bigger air bags as well. The opening can be self-seal with a small adhesive strip on the flap while others are open-ended.

Bubble pouches and bubble bags provide cushion to damage-prone items like gadgets and glasses. Transporting valuables become less worrisome because air bubble pouches help keep the items intact.

Foam Pouches

While some people opt for bubble pouches, others prefer foam pouches. Sometimes, a foam bag or foam pouch is just more appropriate to use.

Foam pouches also provide extra protection to almost all types of goods. Most foam pouches are made with polyethylene (PE) known for its shock-absorbing properties. It is also effective in guarding your items against mildews, bacteria, or mold. This is applicable for perishable goods. A foam pouch may also be your best bet if you are storing your stuff for a long time.

There are also foam pouches for dishes and foam pouches for glasses. These will help keep delicate dinnerware or glasses away from breakage or scratches. Heavy-duty foam pouch or foam bags would go a long mile while ensuring the safety of your priced shipment.

And because you value security more than ever, make sure to choose the best quality foam pouches and bubble wrap pouches. They may look the same but the quality will always differ. Buying cushion foam pouches and bubble bags from trusted stores will also give you confidence.

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